“Sovereign Jesus” is a site which is a collection of articles I’ve written over several years in order to help me think through various issues; they therefore reflect my thoughts and my journey as I’ve explored various and opposing theologies and ecclesiologies.  I find it helps me to think and find clarity when I write down my thoughts in a coherent fashion.  And I write them as if other people will read them – this helps me tighten my thinking and present an argument to myself rather than just have a page filled with rambling thoughts.  My original intention was just to write and file them. 

But one day I was challenged to make a Christian website so I gathered the articles (which I had entitled “Thoughts on….” this or that subject), tightened them up, and posted them online – this became “Sovereign Jesus” website.  Since then I’ve written many other articles which I’ve also posted here.  I’ve also included some of the essays I wrote during my days at a Baptist theological college (2005-2008).  I chose the Baptist college because the fees were among the lowest, not because I am Baptist or fundamentalist. For the record I’m Anglican.

Along with my own writings, I’ve included excerpts from other Christian writers which I like and which are edifying.  And then there are items and snippets which are just plain interesting which I’ve come across in books no longer in print, and which are too precious to lose.  By putting them on my website I hope to preserve them and give them to the public again, giving them a new lease of life for a new audience.  “….let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works” (Heb 10:24 RSV).

And, it must be said, some articles are self-indulgent (while still edifying), written simply because I like the subject and thus like to share it with whoever else may be interested; and because I like writing. 

“Sovereign Jesus” therefore has no single theme but is a scattering of many and various subjects as the thoughts came to me, and as I sought to understand this or that subject. 

All articles on this web site are copyright by me, the author and owner of this website, except for those written by other authors – I’ve acknowledged them appropriately.

All scripture references on this website, unless otherwise stated, are from the New Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition.