Poem: The KJV Bible – a Perfect Book (Against Textual Critics)

I heard the old-time preacher speak
Without one reference to the Greek,
“This precious Book within my hand
Is God’s own word on which I stand.”
And then the scholars came along
And said the preacher had it wrong:
“Conflations here, rescissions [sic.  Should read ‘recensions’] there,
And scribal errors everywhere.”
A book “essentially correct,”
But not in every last respect.
“A ‘fairly certain’ word,” they say,
“To light our path and guide our way.”
Then in despair I bowed my head.
“We have no word of God,” I said.
“If some of this old Book is wrong,
Pray tell, what else does not belong?”
Will still more manuscripts be found
To make us go another round?
Correcting, changing, taking out;
Creating questions, fear and doubt?
Must more discoveries come to light
Before we finally get it right?
Will precious doctrines fade away
Because of what the scholars say?
How many “errors” must we purge
Because of what the scholars urge?
How many versions must we make?
How many changes can we take?
How will we ever know we’re through —
That we possess a scripture true?
If man must find God’s word, my friend,
When will the changes ever end?
Then to the Book again I fled
To find out what my Father said.
“Forever settled… never fade” —
This promise God the Spirit made.
A thousand generations hence —
That seems a pretty strong defense.
A “perfect Book?” Then it must be
Man can’t improve what God gave me.
We have a Book completely true,
Instructing us in all we do.
Preserved by God, not found by men,
Inscribed by God the Spirit’s pen.
If God or scholars you must choose,
Be sure the “experts” always lose.
Don’t give to them a second look;
Just keep believing this old Book.

(Preached at Woodland Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC, by Pastor R. B. Ouelette, May 1, 2007)

Taken from: “Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers” p. 45-46, by G. A. Riplinger.