God Doeth All Things Well

I do not always know what lies before me,
Or what of trial or test may be in store;
My steps are ordered, God will do the choosing,
He knows the way I take—need I know more?
I do not know the reason for each testing;
The lessons I must learn, I cannot tell,
Or why I’m led through valleys deep and lonely—
I only know He doeth all things well.

If the path I walk seems steep and rugged,
And I must labor long to reach the goal,
There’s always One close by my side to help me;
He brings sweet rest and comfort to my soul.
And from the pages of God’s Book before me,
He speaks the words that all my fears dispel,
And though I do not know the why nor wherefore,
I can be sure He doeth all things well.

Then I will rest in Him and take fresh courage,
And trust His promise not to leave me e’er—
New strength supplied to carry on the battle,
New hope that I the victor’s crown shall wear.
It is enough to be of God beloved,
To have the Lord within my heart to dwell,
To have the peace that passeth understanding,
Content to know He doeth all things well.

by Anonymous