The Power Of The Word Of God (R. A. Torrey)

The Power Of The Word Of God – by R.A. Torrey
(from How To Obtain Fullness Of Power by R.A. Torrey, ©1897, Fleming H. Revell Company)

“The great reservoir of the power that belongs to God is His own Word- the Bible.  If we wish to make it ours, we must go to that Book. Yet people abound in the church who are praying for power and neglecting the Bible. Men are longing to have power for fruit-bearing in their own lives and yet forget that Jesus has said: “The seed is the Word of God.” (Luke 8:11).  They are longing to have power to melt the cold heart and break the stubborn will, and yet forget that God has said: “Is not my Word like as a fire? …and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?” (Jer. 23:29).  If we are to obtain fullness of power in life and service, we must feed upon the Word of God. There is no other food so strengthening. If we will not take time to study the Bible, we cannot have power, any more than we can have physical
power if we will not take time to eat nutritious food.

Let us see what the word of God has power to do…” click here to continue reading