No Knowledge of Human Nature

by Dr. Peter Ruckman

This excerpt is taken from “Why I Am Not A New Age Global Citizen” (Kindle edition) by Peter Ruckman. 

What, on this planet, could be more pitiful than a bunch of humans talking about “man’s inhumanity to man” (and “humanism”) when the “humans” doing the babbling profess to have come from ANIMALS instead of humans?

Every “New Ager” from Bush and “Slick” to Princess Di and John Paul II profess to have come from animals.  Did you know that?  They (as Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, and Darwin) are all evolutionists.  Not one of them accepts the biblical account of creation as being history.  How do monkey men and women (or ape men and women or tarsier men and women or lemur, etc.; take your pick – it is the same Fairy Tale for Grown-ups that was invented to compensate for emotional panic) figure out “human” problems?  Every one of them thinks he, or she, got here through survival of the fittest: i.e. physical violence – killing.

And do they now decide they should stop it and can stop it?  Why, that would stop evolution!  At least that is what Hitler, Stalin, Haeckel, Nietzsche, Marx, Huxley, Bismarck, and 2,000,000,000 Communists believed and taught. 

What would such a pack of beasts be doing talking about “ethics, morals, religious beliefs,” and “helping lepers out”?  Do you know of any animals who organise to help other animals get well of diseases?

If you came from bears, alligators, sharks, snakes, rats, and cockroaches – in classical and “Neo-Darwinism all living organisms are related – how do you know that you are a “human”?  All New-Agers worship Mother Nature or the “Great Mother Goddess” or the “Green” or the “Good Earth” (“Mother Earth”).  That is why a White Owl is more valuable to them than a human baby – ask any abortionist.  And these nature lovers and animal worshippers (who came from animals) are going to solve the problems of “humanity” with “Humanism”?

Wanna bet?  Shoot, you’re faded.

To a New-Ager, rats, cockroaches, bears, wolves, owls, fish, and birds are more important than human beings.  Whoever heard of any twentieth-century gas bag (Carter, Bush, JFK, FDR, Mandela, Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Mao, Hitler, Castro, Mussolini, Franco, Pius XII, “Lady” Di, Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul, VI, “Tipper” Gore, or “Slick” Willie) killing 32,000,000 owls or red fish or wolves or “bald eagles”? Why, evolutionists don’t kill animals; they kill “humans”!  Two World Wars snuffed out the lives of more than 32,000,000 “humans”, and during that time seven countries passed gun control laws so they could murder their own people (1917-1995) – while protecting “endangered species”!

Survival of the fittest.  “Me first – you next”.

And THOSE are the IDIOTS who are now invading foreign countries, “breaking and entering” (under the threat of killing any resister), and talking about “Peace on earth to men of good will”.  They even engraved part of a verse from the King James Bible on a wall opposite their UN building in downtown New York (Isaiah 2:4), while carrying on eighty-five wars (1945-1996)!

The verse spoke of worldwide peace (Isa 2:1-5).

Do you know what the UN (United Nuts) are?  They are the Untied (Ps 2) Numbskulls.  The UN is “Unified Nonsense” carried on by jungle killers according to the Darwinian laws of the jungle.  Its progams are carried out by a bunch of educated civilized savages who have no more knowledge of human nature (at least they act and speak like they don’t) than a pagan, B.C., Greek philosopher without a brain in his head (Thales, Solon, Anaximenes, Anaximander, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, et al).  Two of THOSE idiots said:

“I am a citizen of the world,” and “Man is the measure of all things”.

Those idiotic remarks came from two of the most dim-witted, undiscerning nit-wits who ever tried to contradict the Scriptures.

Now, the Grand Master of Human Knowledge (“the wisdom of the world” 1 Cor 2:6 – “earthly, sensual, devilish” James 3:15) is his majesty the Devil (Ezek 28:12-17).  No “human” who ever lived had 6,000 years to observe human nature in action, twenty four hours a day, on seven continents, under every condition known (or unknown) to man, but Satan has done it.  Since there is no “Satan” in Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Atheism, or Humanism, and since Satan is “Jesus Christ” in the NIV and the ASV (see their corruptions of Isa 14:12), you can count on him fooling a minimum of 3,000,000,000 sinners.  When it comes to humans (and humanity and humanism) and a knowledge of man’s basic NATURE, no human being who ever lived, including Solomon (1 Kings 10:23-24) had all of the data: Satan has it.

In the oldest book written on earth – at least 800 years before anyone pretended that “The Book of the Dead” was a “sure enough” book [it isn’t; it is a collection of scraps of papers taken out of mummy cases and caskets] – Satan studied the position of a rich, successful, pious, godly, “family man” and said confidently, “Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life” (Job 2:4).

The first rule of human nature has always been (and is and always will be): ME FIRST, YOU NEXT”.  That applies to every world leader on this planet.

This is what Bible believers call “the adamic nature” (1 Cor 15:47) or “the old man” (Eph 4:22).  This basic, Adamic principle is the foundation on which every human being “builds his life”.  No man gets rid of this nature till he is DEAD.

The greatest, most unselfish, dedicated, self-sacrificing Christian who ever lived (2 Cor 11) said that he could find “no good thing” dwelling in his own flesh (Rom 7:18).  He had a knowledge of human nature totally denied to every major military leader, every statesman, every politician, every Catholic Pope, every UN “Secretary General”, and every major artist, scientist, philosopher, and every major religious leader on this earth.

We call this great, unique revelation: The Power of Negative Thinking”.

Not one major newspaper, TV channel, radio station, weekly or monthly magazine, or “Book of the Month” was able to find it since Cain knocked Abel’s brains out.

Man is the “measure” of nothing.

The “measure of man” is a tape worm.

The worms (according to all of the monkey men in the UN, who are evolutionists) were here ages before “humans” showed up, and if the past or present is any monitor of the future – and all monkey men base their theory of evolution on that premise – the worms will be here long after the last human being has drugged himself to death or blown his brains out.

“Man” is the measure of NOTHING.

The Book says that when ALL of mankind gets together with all their “nations”, they will be “less than nothing” (Isa 40:17).  How is THAT for “negative thinking”?  Bet you never heard that verse expounded in a UN General Assembly!  Put that one on the “Isaiah Wall”.

Neither does any “Unusual Nitwit” in the UN.  We all came from the same man (Acts 17:26).

In reality, the mottoes of the UN are “Dog eat dog”, “Me first, you next”, “Submit or perish”, “He who has the gold makes the rules”, “You can get more with a kind word and an AK-47 than you can with a kind word alone”.

The UN is a Universal Police State that takes unauthorized power to itself and supports itself from money stolen from people who work for it.

“Me first, you next”.

A deceived reprobate (one who thinks he came from animals) or a lying reprobate (one who pretends that human nature is basically “good”) is just as dangerous as a deceived reprobate who thinks he is the Vicar of Christ or a lying reprobate who thinks that “man” can bring peace on earth by self effort.  In action, they are all bloody killers (see Chap. 2).

I am not a New Age Global Citizen because I have observed that no New Age Global Citizen has any sane grasp at all of human nature.,  If he did, he would discipline children instead of catering to them, he would execute every convicted murderer within twenty-four hours after he was convicted, he would try “Slick” Willie on two counts of treason, and he would no more trust ANY government that limited its own guns to army and law enforcement officers than he would trust a den of rattlesnakes in his bedroom.

Anyone who knew ANYTHING about human nature would no more expose their children to sex perverts (or the teaching of sex perverts) than he would expose his child to a live, 110-volt line in a puddle.

Ignorance of human nature is the basis on which the New built.  “Every man at his BEST state is altogether vanity” (Ps 39:5).

You don’t have ten Congressmen, ten “Promise Keepers”, one Pope, one delegate to the UN, or one ambassador who believes anything of the kind.  They are as blind as a bat in bright sunlight.


Ruckman, P. 2011, “Why I Am Not A Global Citizen”, Kindle edition, Bible Baptist Bookstore